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May Parent Newsletter

Updated: May 16, 2019

Thank You to everyone who joined us for the First Annual Friends of SEPAC 5K on Sunday May 5th! In spite of the rain we had over 50 adult and student runners join us and brave the elements to make the event a huge success. Your participation helped us raise more than $1,300 which will go towards our 2019-2020 programming for Norfolk parents and students. A few follow up notes from the event:

  • For anyone who registered and ordered a T-shirt but couldn't make it, please email us at and we can coordinate delivering your T-shirt.

  • Couldn't make it but still want to support the SEPAC? Buy a Norfolk SEPAC 5K T-shirt! Email us at with your size (adult sizes Small - XL).

  • We were really hoping to see some sun so we could host our Race After Party. Mark your calendars for our rain date on August 8th when we host our 2nd Annual Food Truck Event during the Thursday Night Summer Concert! Kids - prepare to be speedy for your very own Kid's Run on the Town Green!


Thank you for all of your generous contributions to the Norfolk SEPAC over the year. Because of you the Norfolk SEPAC is proud to help sponsor Norfolk Public School's participation in the 2019 Special Olympics! This year's Summer Games will be held on June 5, 2019. The 30th annual event will host approximately 700 athletes from 35 different schools in 15 local communities! Students will compete in Track & Field (ages 8-22) and Young Athletes (grades K-3rd) competitions. The event will take place at Attleboro High School. Good Luck to all of Norfolk's participants! Click Here For a Schedule of Events!

Mark Your Calendar for our remaining events!

Interested in joining the SEPAC Board for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year? Click here for a list of open positions and contact if interested.

Events List

  • Sunday, May 19, 2019 - Spring Family Photo Session with Leah Romig

  • Thursday, August 8, 2019 - Summer Concert sponsored by Norfolk Recreation Department and the Norfolk SEPAC

Event Details

Sunday, May 18, 2019 - Spring Family Photo Session with Leah Romig Photography

Back by Popular Demand! Leah Romig is excited to offer family photo mini-sessions at our very own Stonybrook Wildlife Sanctuary. Location: Stonybrook Wildlife Sanctuary

108 North Street, Norfolk MA

Time: 1pm - 6pm Register: Here!

Thursday, August 8, 2019

6:15 p.m.

2nd Annual SEPAC Summer Concert and Food Truck Event

Spend time with friends, enjoy a summer concert, food, face painting, and family games while supporting the SEPAC as we gear up for the 2019-2020 School Year! If you would like volunteer or know of a vendor(s) that would like to participate please contact us;


Parent Education

The Summer Slide is a real thing! Children can lose a significant amount of ground during the summer without practice. Here are some tips and ideas to keeping your child's skills up!


Scholastic recommends:

Read something every day: Encourage your child to take advantage of every opportunity to read. Find them throughout the day:

  • Morning: The newspaper — even if it is just the comics or today's weather.

  • Daytime: Schedules, TV guides, magazines, online resources, etc. For example, if your daughter likes the food channel, help her look for a recipe on the network's Web site — then cook it together for more reading practice.

  • Evening: End the day by having your child read to you from the book he is currently reading (one of the six books, above). Have him rehearse a paragraph, page, or chapter before reading to you. Rereading will help him be more fluent — able to read at an appropriate speed, correctly, and with nice expression.

Keep reading aloud: Reading aloud benefits all children and teens, especially those who struggle. One benefit is that you can read books your child can't, so she will build listening comprehension skills with grade-level and above books. This will increase her knowledge and expand her experience with text, so that she will do better when she reads on her own.


Write a story! Choose a fun or exciting event happening during the summer and write a story about it.

Keep a journal of different activities you do and places you go. Illustrate the journal with drawings or photos as well and you'll have a great way to remember the summer!

Write Letters. Set up a pen-pal for your child with an out-of-town (or in-town!) friend and commit to two letters each for the summer. Kids love getting mail and they'll get some writing practice while they're at it.

Make Lists! Summer Bucket list, Chore lists, School Supply lists. To Do lists!


Fun summer math activities from Math Insider

Read a math story

Build two core skills at once! Combine math with reading to improve both numeracy and literacy skills.  Amazon has a great selection of math stories. Check out our Book of the Month below!

Play a game

Math games come in all shapes and sizes, so choose your favorite.

Watch a YouTube video

Take a break from dancing cats and watch some quirky math! Multiplication raps, math doodles and my current favorite Math Boy’s Mom can all add a short burst of math into your child’s day.

Play cards

Traditional card games are full of logic and arithmetic. Count doubles facts playing Go Fish, practice number sense playing War, reinforce sequencing playing Rummy!

Play chess

Play this ultimate logic game on a traditional board, or try the various versions available online, and on smartphones.


Younger children can practice number recognition and counting and your older ones can scale up or scale down recipes, for a tasty mathematical distraction.

Plan a trip

Use Google maps to help you and your child investigate journey distances and travel times to make sure your family arrives at that important destination on time!

Set up a Lemonade Stand

Help your child run a drinks stand to help boost mathematical, ingredient measuring and money management skills.

Watch sports

Football, soccer, cricket, hockey.  Sports are full of statistics. Grab a piece of paper and see if you and your child can calculate along with the experts.

Play Live Online Maths Games

Keep the Student Start Page bookmarked and let kids continue their use of Reflex and/or other math fact apps available.


SEPAC Book of the Month

By Laura Overdeck

How many bees does it take to make one jar of honey?

How many soccer balls would fit inside a hollow Earth?

How many pieces of gum would it take to stick you to a wall―and keep you there?

Believe it or not, you can find out the answers to these questions yourself―using math! Combining questions from real readers like you with surprising answers, Laura Overdeck's How Many Guinea Pigs Can Fit on a Plane? proves that numbers can be fun―and that math is power.

Our Mission


The Norfolk Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) strives to collaborate with and advise the school committee and administration to continually improve the education opportunities for all children in and outside of our school district. We promote improved education and success for students with disabilities, ensuring they receive equal access to education opportunities within our school and community. The Norfolk SEPAC provides a network for parents of children with disabilities to access resources, gain support and share ideas. SEPAC encourages families to be involved in all district policy discussions.

Norfolk SEPAC Board


President: Taiese Hickman

Vice President: Jo-Anne Gilbody

Director of Communications: Karen Murphy

Director of Events: Michael McCarthy

Grant Administrator: Karen Mazzola

Special Advisor: Jeff Chalmers

Contact Us

Facebook: @norfolksepac

Instagram: @norfolksepac

Twitter: @nsepac

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